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The Book of Lists was a Doctor Who reference book published by BBC Books.

Publisher's summary Edit

Inside this book, not surprisingly, you will find over 150 lists of information and trivia about Doctor Who, from everyone who has played the Doctor to the crimes of the Master, from the rooms in the TARDIS to spin-off productions.

The book covers all aspects of televised Doctor Who handily subdivided into four convenient sections:

  • Production
Find out how many people played Jo Grant on screen, which actors were used over again by the same directors and much more!
  • Trivia
References to the toilet in Doctor Who, appearances of bicycles, even how many times tea has appeared in the television series!
  • Narrative
Lists include the times the Doctor and friends have fallen asleep, the many disguises the Doctor has adopted on his travels and lots more!
  • The Basics
Including the correct nomenclature for each episode as given on screen!

If you have ever pondered such burning issues, here at last is the book to set the record straight. Essential reading for Doctor Who fans, trivia buffs, quiz compilers and people just looking for something out of the ordinary to leave on the coffee table.

Subject matter Edit

  • Trivia and lists combined with humour — a fanboy's dream!

Notes Edit

  • According to the acknowledgement the idea for this book was first suggested by Gary Russell – years ago!
  • This BBC Book was priced £5.99 (UK).
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