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The Board Games was a Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic story published in 2015.


Time with the Doctor isn't always about saving lives and preventing evildoers from doing harm. Sometimes, it's just about enjoying each others' company and enjoying a game. However, a sore loser with a time machine may prove a bit bothersome.


The Doctor arrives to pick up Clara. However, she instead wishes to relax and play some board games. They play Connect 3, which the Doctor loses. He says there's something in the TARDIS he needs.

The scene repeats again, with the Doctor actually making a joke about it. He mutters, "Yes, one - nil", then says he's going to the TARDIS again.

The scene repeats yet again, but this time the Doctor is much more aggressive. When Clara wins, the Doctor yells that he's lost 74 times, meaning that he's been travelling back to the moment he arrived to win before Clara does. He says "TARDIS" and hops in.

For the fourth time, the scene repeats; however, this time, the Doctor has a beard and his clothing is torn and battered, showing just how long he's tried to get a win. He wins and hugs the game, crying hysterically. Clara is none the wiser about the Doctor's time meddling and says there's something she forgot in the TARDIS.



  • One of the games which Clara brings out is Monopoly.


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