The Blogs of Doom was the title for a series of prose vignettes by Jonathan Morris which appeared in Doctor Who Magazine from 2017 to 2021. Similar to the earlier Brief Encounter series, it used its short format to give the spotlight to a variety of comparatively obscure characters.


The premise of each entry of The Blogs of Doom was described as "Sneaky peeks into the secret diaries of characters in the Doctor's orbit…". This meant that all short stories, which often recorded events in the life of the character immediately leading up to their appearance in a Doctor Who television story, were told in first-person perspective, and often in an epistolary style — a stylistic feature previously used by some Brief Encounters.

The entries, all of which featured original illustrations by Ben Morris, were credited as being "as told to" Jonathan Morris. They were unafraid to occasionally dip over into comedy, often turning the viewer's understanding of certain elements of the original TV stories on its head. A sense of continuity in a wider, connected Doctor Who universe was achieved by having characters from shared time periods comment on the events of other TV stories set in the same time and place: for example, in The Ghoul Patsy from The Talons of Weng-Chiang mentions hearing tell of the Whisper Men and the Crimson Horror.

List of stories[]

# Issue Full illustration Title Featuring
1 519 Jorj - short story illustration - Ben Morris.jpg Jorj Jorj from World Enough and Time
2 520 Ian the Elf.jpg Ian the Elf Ian, Santa Claus and Shona McCullough from Last Christmas
3 521 The Veil DWM 521.jpg The Veil The Veil from Heaven Sent
4 522 The Ghoul DWM 522.jpg The Ghoul Patsy from The Talons of Weng-Chiang
5 523 Colin DWM 523.jpg Colin Colin Redmayne from The Enemy of the World
6 524 Nerys DWM 524.jpg Nerys Nerys from The Runaway Bride
7 525 Nilson Ben Morris.jpg Nilson Nilson from Warriors of the Deep
8 526 Sevrin DWM 526.jpg Sevrin Sevrin from Genesis of the Daleks
9 527 Robinson DWM 527.jpg Robinson Robinson from Invasion of the Dinosaurs
10 528 Scaroth Ben Morris.jpg Scaroth Scaroth from City of Death
11 529 Acting Captain Zachary Cross Flane DWM 529.jpg Acting Captain Zachary Cross Flane Zachary Cross Flane from The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit
12 530 The Monks 530.jpg The Monks The Monks from Extremis / The Pyramid at the End of the World / The Lie of the Land
13 531 Dr Malcolm Taylor DWM 531.jpg Dr Malcolm Taylor Malcolm Taylor from Planet of the Dead
14 532 Panna Ben Morris.jpg Panna  Panna from Kinda
15 533 Charles Dickens DWM 533.jpg Charles Dickens Charles Dickens from The Unquiet Dead
16 534 Dortmun DWM 534.jpg Dortmun Dortmun from The Dalek Invasion of Earth
17 535 Meglos Ben Morris.jpg Meglos Meglos from Meglos
18 536 Medok Ben Morris.jpg Medok Medok from The Macra Terror
19 537 Sentreal Ben Morris.jpg Sentreal Sentreal from Mission to the Unknown
20 538 Lady Peinforte Ben Morris.jpg Lady Peinforte Peinforte from Silver Nemesis
21 539 The Blogs of Doom - Doctor Fendelman.jpg Doctor Fendelman Fendelman from Image of the Fendahl
22 540 Sam Seeley Ben Morris.jpg Sam Seeley Sam Seeley from Spearhead from Space
23 541 Mehendri Solon DWM 541.jpg Mehendri Solon Mehendri Solon from The Brain of Morbius
24 542 The Inquisitor Ben Morris.jpg The Inquisitor Darkel from The Trial of a Time Lord
25 543 Commander Fabian DWM 543.jpg Commander Fabian Fabian and Elena from The Twin Dilemma
26 545 Dalek Caan Illustration.jpg Dalek Caan Dalek Caan from The Stolen Earth / Journey's End
27 547 Bert the Landlord DWM 547.jpg Bert the Landlord Bert from The Dæmons
28 548 Harry Sullivan Ben Morris.jpg Harry Sullivan  Harry Sullivan from Revenge of the Cybermen
29 549 Prisoner Zero DWM 549.jpg Prisoner Zero Prisoner Zero from The Eleventh Hour
30 550 Hieronymous (short story).jpg Hieronymous Hieronymous from The Masque of Mandragora
31 551 Doris Griffiths DWM 551.jpg Doris Griffiths Doris Griffiths from The Green Death
32  552 Tlotoxl DWM 552.jpg Tlotoxl Tlotoxl from The Aztecs
33 553 Larry Nightingale DWM 553.jpg Larry Nightingale Larry Nightingale from Blink
34 554 Herbert George Wells DWM 554.jpg Herbert George Wells H. G. Wells from Timelash
35 555 The Investigator DWM 555.jpg The Investigator The Investigator from The Mutants
36 556 Harold Chorley DWM 556.jpg Harold Chorley Harold Chorley from The Web of Fear
37 557 Dr Black.jpg Dr Black Henry Black from Vincent and the Doctor
38 558 Light (short story).jpg Light Light from Ghost Light
39 560 Seb DWM 560.jpg Seb Seb from Dark Water / Death in Heaven
40 561 Poul DWM 561.jpg Poul Poul from The Robots of Death