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The Bit After the Last Bit was the fourth story in The History Tour series by Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett. The fourth part covered developments in the Middle Ages.


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  • The Doctor shows Peri a BBC performance as an example of medieval theatre. The Doctor believes that they have made great advancements but Peri doesn't think much has changed.
  • According to the Doctor, because of the plagues and diseases of the time babies and old people died off so the majority of the people were middle aged which is where the era got its name.
  • A monk reads from the Book of Lyes that a man with permed hair shall bring a flood upon them and that a girl in hot pants will destroy them all.
  • The Doctor and Peri observe soldiers being trained how to fall off battlements realistically, as seen in all Robin Hood films.
  • As Peri is able to read, everyone believes her to be a witch. She is tossed in the river and the Doctor reassures her that she will be fine as long as she doesn't float.
  • A Sea Devil has been at the bottom of the river for some time.


  • The Doctor refers to the "meddling monks" of the period in a clear reference to the Time Lord known as the Monk who was occasionally called "the Meddling Monk".