The Birthday Party was the third story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Life During Wartime. It was written by Simon Guerrier.

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Fifth Axis Marshal Mushtaq Anson has arrived on the Collection. Benny visits him to get information on Oliver Norman's death. Anson will only say that Oliver was executed as a criminal.

When she leaves, she is confronted by Luke, one of her students, who wants to know what happened to Oliver. He tells Benny that another student was killed for spray painting a message in support of Oliver. He also tells her there will be a party for Oliver's birthday.

Benny meets with Anson again, who admits what happened to Oliver. An Axis soldier made fun of Oliver's earring, and when Oliver talked back, he was killed. Anson refuses Benny's suggestion of a court martial for the soldier.

Benny attends Oliver's birthday party with Anson. She dances with Anson, who tells her that her actions saved the resistance's lives.

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  • Benny has tea and biscuits with Anson.
  • Anson brings Benny flowers before they go to the party.

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