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The Bill

The Bill was a 20th century English television series. Mrs Thompson watched it every Tuesday night, while polishing Mr Thompson's shoes for him. (PROSE: Trapped!)

Charlie Coates looked like he could have played an armed robber in an episode of The Bill. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)

The programme was later broadcast by Reef Station One in the New Earth Republic during the 101st century. (PROSE: Synthespians™)

Behind the scenes[]

Among Doctor Who actors to star in The Bill are: Christopher Ellison, as DCI Frank Burnside, Jeff Stewart as PC Reg Hollis, Graham Cole as PC Tony Stamp, Simon Rouse as DCI/Superindendent Jack Meadows, Ben Roberts as Chief Inspector Derek Conway, Chris Simmons as DC Mickey Webb, Cyril Nri as Superintendent Adam Okaro, Greg Donaldson as PC Tom Proctor, Raji James as DS Vik Singh, Steve Morley as Sgt. Stuart Lamont, and Siobhan Redmond as CSE Lorna Hart.

Guest actors included: Sylvester McCoy, Alex Kingston, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman, Gareth David-Lloyd, Tommy Knight, Jeremy Young, Adele Silva, Arthur Cox, David Gooderson, Mina Anwar, Bernard Holley, Nick Hobbs, Pat Gorman, Zienia Merton, Jimmy Gardner, Ian Cullen, Terence Lodge, Morgan Deare, Michael Robbins, Stephen Yardley, Steven Wickham, Edward Brayshaw, Christopher Tranchell, David Weston, Clive Merrison, Peter Craze, David Daker, Brigit Forsyth, Michael Turner, Kevork Malikyan, Tony Osoba, George Sewell, John Bennett, Sheila Grant, Ian Talbot, Graeme Eton, Michael Attwell, John Rolfe, Frank Jarvis, Angela Bruce, Michael McStay, Wolfe Morris, David Savile, Carl Rigg, Christopher Coll, George Raistrick, Donald Gee, George Little, Eileen Helsby, John Gill, Richardson Morgan, Tomek Bork, George Layton, Jamie Foreman, David Simeon, Paul Brightwell, Joel Fry, Stanley McGeagh, Joanna Monro, Steve Speirs, Christopher Whittingham, Kenneth Cope, Gilbert Wynne, Patrick Carter, Michael Melia, P. G. Stephens, Sophie Benjamin, Paul Alexander, James McClure, Sally Knyvette, Stephen MacKenna, Rob Dixon, Pamela Binns, David Mallinson, Jemma Churchill, Pamela Miles, Patrick Duggan, Vivien Parry, Philip Edgerley, Katie Wimpenny, Adrian McLoughlin, Shiv Grewal, Natasha Pyne, Richard Laing, Patrick Romer, Matt Dineen, David Arlen, Joy Elias-Rilwan, Ann Bryson, Brian Hall, Anna Wing, Scott Haran, Jan Anderson, Rosie Cavaliero, Ferdy Roberts, Nigel Betts, Jacob Anderson and Russell Tovey.

According to Catherine Tate, when an actor who had been on The Bill hadn't appeared on the programme for eight months, they were called up to appear again as another character. In conversation with Tate in his self-titled podcast, David Tennant noted that she "practically [was] a regular", across her numerous guest appearances since leaving drama school.[1]

Phil Ford wrote four episodes of The Bill. Five episodes were written by Rod Beacham. Kevin Clarke wrote six episodes, starting around the time he wrote Silver Nemesis for Doctor Who. Ian Briggs wrote one episode, shortly following his work on Doctor Who.

Chris Clough directed 128 episodes, and produced 18. Tony Virgo only directed two, but produced 79. Michael Owen Morris directed 16 episodes of The Bill. John Davies directed 12 episodes. Douglas Mackinnon directed seven. Catherine Morshead and Alan Wareing both directed six episodes. Charles Beeson directed three episodes, while Andy Goddard directed two. John Black directed two, as well, while Jonny Campbell directed only one episode.

James DeHaviland was a 2nd assistant director on The Bill for eight episodes. David Mack was 1st assistant director for two.

Chris D'Oyly-John was location manager for eight episodes.

Sam Williams was an editor on the series. Liana Del Giudice was an editor or picture editor on six episodes, spanning 1997-2008.

Roderick Woodruff and Crispin Layfield were stunt co-ordinators.

Tristan Peatfield was a long-time production designer. Sue Gurley was costume designer for six episodes. Nadia Dand was standby art director.

The Bill was cancelled in 2010 by Peter Fincham, who previously brought Doctor Who back in 2005.


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