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The Big Finish Podcast was the official promotional podcast of Big Finish Productions.

Format Edit

The show began with episode 1 on 5 February 2008, but it abandoned a numbering scheme later that same year in favour of simply referring to episodes with their release date. Episodes are playable directly from the Big Finish website, and downloadable as free MP3 files.

Initially a highly polished, meticulously edited affair similar to Big Finish Magazine, the podcast has since become a more informal, conversationally-orientated program. Since 2010, this production pattern has allowed the podcast to appear more or less weekly.

The podcast generally consists of discussion about and promotion of Big Finish's past, present, and future work. Key cast and crew members are interviewed, listener emails are read and replied to, and recordings from behind the scenes of Big Finish Productions are presented. The podcast presents trailers, clips, and previews of future releases.

The programme also runs regular contests for its listeners in which prizes come from Big Finish's output.

Personnel Edit

The programme principal host is Big Finish showrunner Nicholas Briggs. Frequent contributors have included David Richardson and the late Paul Spragg. Interviewed guests on the programme have included Rob Shearman, Tom Baker, Sophie Aldred, India Fisher, Colin Baker, Louise Jameson and many others.

Spin-off Edit

Beginning in 2013, the majority of episodes were devoted to installments of Toby Hadoke's Who's Round.

Article featured on the podcast Edit

This page as it existed in early November 2012 was read out in its entirety by Briggs on the 2 November 2012 edition, as a more-or-less serious introduction to the show. However, Briggs took that earlier version of the page to task for misspelling Paul Spragg, "Paul Sprague".

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