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The Big Finish Christmas Advert 2020 was an animated webcast commercial released in 2020 by Big Finish Productions in Twitter for the beginning of the winter holiday season. Shortly before its release, it was teased on the official Big Finish Twitter account[1] as Big Finish's highly sophisticated answer to other prominent Christmas adverts: "Forget John Lewis. Stand aside Sainsburys. Allons-y Aldi. It's the Christmas advert event of the year at 7.15pm (UK time)…". The finished product, however, was intentionally underwhelming, consisting of filmed paper cutouts and being accompanied with "a heartfelt message: please buy more audio drama".

At least one element of Doctor Who iconography appeared: a Dalek-shaped snowman. Additionally, one shot focused on a long scarf worn by a curly-haired individual, reminiscent of the Fourth Doctor and his scarf; however, the artstyle is too stylised to know for sure whether the character is intended to be the Fourth Doctor, a fan cosplaying as the Fourth Doctor, or perhaps Tom Baker himself. Regardless, the story, being a self-confessed advertisement, is not considered a valid source on this Wiki.


In an atmosphere of jubilant Christmas cheer, the staff of Big Finish put on winter-wear, create snowmen (including a Dalek-shaped one), rejoice, and ultimately decorate a Christmas tree with the face of Nicholas Briggs serving as the Christmas star.


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