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The Betrothal of Sontar is a Doctor Who Magazine comic story featuring the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler.

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The Doctor and Rose Tyler land on the icebound world of Serac where they encounter the Sontaran crew of the Betrothal of Sontar, a mining vessel commanded by Colonel Snathe, whose quest for the "Worldbane", a source of incredible power, has driven him insane. As the Doctor attempts to help Snathe find the Worldbane — mainly in order to recover the TARDIS — Rose befriends Lerox, an unusual Sontaran who possesses a conscience, and who holds the key to saving not only the Doctor and Rose, but the homeworld of Sontar itself.

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  • This is the first DWM strip to feature the Tenth Doctor. The first words spoken by the Tenth Doctor in his comic book tenure are; "Naaah, souped-up metabolism, warm as toast! Listen, I once had to swim the English Channel totally starkers!"
  • As this comic predates the Sontarans' first appearance in post-2005 Doctor Who in The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky, which featured a radical redesign of the Sontaran uniform, the battledress of the Sontarans shown in this comic are reminiscent of those from the classic series.
  • The Sontaran homeworld is Sontar. This is one of the first Doctor Who stories to indicate this as the name of the Sontarans' homeworld, predating the first on-screen reference to the name in The Sontaran Strategem.

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