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You may be looking for the Seventh Doctor short story.

The Best of Days was a webcast that was made specifically for the Doctor Who: Lockdown! event. It also tied into the Black Lives Matter movement.

The webcast was originally intended to coincide with a tweetalong of the two final episodes of Series 10, World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls, and depicted the life of Bill and Nardole some time after the resolution of the latter.


Stranded on the Mondasian colony ship, Nardole contacts Bill Potts via the space-time telegraph for her "daily positivity outbreak". He starts by talking about how beautiful the black hole is near the ship, then moves on to how the Cybermen were originally going to reach Floor 0502 by Tuesday but are actually only going to reach them on Wednesday, meaning the people can continue their barbecue. He views it as a surprise day off, if only until the end of his message to Bill. Nardole then mentions how he fell nearly thirty feet whilst in the banana meadow, breaking his left leg. He remarks how he is now wheelbarrow-bound. He likes it, saying it is comfy and the children can push him around in it. He then asks how Bill is.

Bill begins her message, saying she has returned to Earth and is studying at St Luke's University after deciding to go "on a break" from dating Heather, stating her omniscience put her off. Despite that, Heather claimed they will be dating again in four months, two weeks and three days. Bill doubts that though, believing she now fancies another girl she spotted walking in the street. While having to see her from two metres away and the girl was wearing a mask, she thought she had beautiful eyes. Bill then remarks that, like the last time she called, things on Earth are "a bit tricky", but thinks the sky has never been so blue and the air so clean. In fact, while stuck in her flat alone, she realised she actually likes everyone in her life, even missing people she thought she hated.

"Wouldn't it be a terrible life if you didn't have people to miss?"

Bill then talks about the day's events and how people marched around in mass numbers, and what they were marching about was "not pleasant", metaphorically remarking that "not all Cybermen have got handles on their heads". Still, to keep things positive, Bill says how the "angry people" kept their distance and stayed calm while protesting, at least around where she lives. She also thinks the protests are "different" this time, bringing her hope that they will bring real change.

Onto other topics, Bill asks Nardole if he has heard from the Doctor. She says every time a door creaks or the wind blows, she thinks it is the Doctor appearing in his TARDIS. She actually doesn't care that he would have changed from regenerating, believing he would still be recognisable. In fact, she thinks she would "snog his silly face off", if he wasn't a man.

The camera then pans to the space above the Earth, where the Doctor's TARDIS flies.





  • This Lockdown special had the distinction of being the only one to have a delayed release, as the fan tweet-along event which it was planned for was cancelled due to real world protests concerning police brutality and systemic racism. The delay provided time for a minor rewrite which saw Moffat incorporate references of the incident into the story.
  • Steven Moffat credited Pearl Mackie on Twitter with helping him write this webcast, specifically the "march section" and her hope that this time there would be real change.[1]