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The Beginning was a three DVD BBC DVD set compiling the first three stories from Doctor Who.

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The set was released in January 2006 in the UK and on 2 March 2006 in the US and Australia. The North American release differed slightly from the UK and Australian version in that the UK and Australian version packaged each story separately, while the Region 1 version compiled The Daleks and The Edge of Destruction (plus extras) into one two-disc box. Unlike other sets such as Lost in Time and New Beginnings, the individual stories have yet to be released by themselves in North America. It has the BBC DVD code BBCDVD1882 and the Warner Video code E2489.

Notable features in this set include the fact all episodes have gone through the VidFIRE process to restore their original videotape look. In addition, the version of The Pilot Episode included in this set is newly edited and digitally remastered to combine the best takes and remove as many errors from the original as possible; as such it is a different version than previously issued in The Hartnell Years VHS release of the 1990s, or subsequent UK VHS release paired with The Edge of Destruction.

Contents[edit | edit source]

BBCDVD1882(A)[edit | edit source]


The Pitch of Fear - a fictitious depiction of the creation of Doctor Who.
The Web of Caves - a black and white parody of early episodes.
The Kidnappers - Two obsessed fans have Peter Davison gagged and helpless.
The Corridor Sketch - Filmed in black and white, this is a series of "blackout" skits involving a BBC reporter (Nicholas Briggs) as he conducts interviews with cast and crew during production of the first few episodes of Doctor Who. Nicholas Courtney has a cameo.
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  • Production Subtitles
  • Commentary (moderated by Gary Russell):
Pilot Episode: Verity Lambert & Waris Hussein
"An Unearthly Child": William Russell, Carole Ann Ford, & Verity Lambert
"The Firemaker": William Russell, Carole Ann Ford, & Waris Hussein

Rear credits:

BBCDVD1882(B)[edit | edit source]


"The Survivors": Verity Lambert & Christopher Barry
"The Ambush": William Russell, Carole Ann Ford, & Christopher Barry
"The Rescue": William Russell, Carole Ann Ford, & Richard Martin

Rear Credits:

BBCDVD1882(C)[edit | edit source]


Rear credits:

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