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The Audio Scripts: Volume Two was the official release of four scripts from Big Finish's run of full-cast Doctor Who audios: The Eye of the Scorpion, The One Doctor, Dust Breeding and Seasons of Fear.

Publisher's summary Edit

Since 1999, Big Finish Productions have produced regular, fully-licensed ongoing audio adventures for the Doctor and his companions on CD. Each four-part story stars members of the original Doctor Who cast in brand-new adventures through time and space.

Presented in this book are the original scripts for four of Big Finish's most popular stories plus an essay by actress India Fisher, who plays Charley Pollard.

Representing the Fifth Doctor adventures, starring Peter Davison, comes The Eye of the Scorpion, written by Iain McLaughlin and featuring the first appearance of new TARDIS traveller Erimem.

Colin Baker featured as the Sixth Doctor in The One Doctor', the award-winning romp by Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman.

From the Seventh Doctor run, with Sylvester McCoy, is Dust Breeding by Mike Tucker, featuring the return of an old and deadly enemy...

Rounding this collection off is Seasons of Fear, one of the most significant of the Eighth Doctor audio adventures featuring Paul McGann and penned by Paul Cornell and Caroline Symcox.

This collection also features a number of early storylines and other features!

Notable features Edit

  • Charley Says an essay by India Fisher.
  • Notes on all four of the audio drama scripts.
  • Crossroads in Time a rejected pitch for an audio story by Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman.
  • Dark Rising episode 1 of a different script written involving the Master by Mike Tucker.
  • The original The Eye of the Scorpion: The Eye of the Beetle together with notes between Ian McLaughlin and Gary Russell.
  • Seasons of Fear original outline.
  • On the wrap around cover on the back are colour covers of the four audio dramas featured and publisher's summaries of all four.
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