The Association was a fascist group led by London builder's merchant George Ratcliffe.

Ratcliffe had spoken out against World War II, believing that Great Britain should ally itself with Nazi Germany. He was imprisoned for this. After the war, Ratcliffe formed the Association. Sergeant Mike Smith was secretly a member. In 1963, as the Association's leader, Ratcliffe allied himself with the Renegade Daleks during "the Shoreditch Incident". They enlisted him to help retrieve the Hand of Omega.

After assisting in the killings of the Daleks' opposition, the other members of the Association were exterminated. When Ratcliffe asked the Dalek Battle Computer why, it replied that he was a slave and born to serve the Daleks. After Mike Smith and he were taken as prisoner, Ratcliffe tried to abscond with the Renegade Daleks' Time Controller but was killed by death-rays fired by Judith Winters who was slaved to their battle computer, before he could leave with it. Mike Smith was exterminated shortly thereafter. (TV: Remembrance of the Daleks)

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