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The ArcHive Tapes, later released as The ArcHive Tapes: Cybermen - The Hypothesised History Of The Cyber Race, were an audio adaptation of the in-universe biographical elements of the David Banks book Doctor Who: Cybermen. The tapes recount Banks' interpretation of the history of the Cybermen. The series comprises a set of four audiocassettes. The series was narrated and produced by David Banks.[1]


# Title Writer Featuring Release date
1 Origins of the Cybermen David Banks Cybermen 1989
2 The Early Cybermen
3 The Cyber Nomads 1990
4 The Ultimate Cybermen

Subsequent releases[]

The Origins of the Cybermen was re-released on CD in 2004 in the Cybermen tin.

In May 2013, the entire ArcHive Tapes were given a CD release, remastered and with new music added, in the form of a 4-disc box set.

David Banks released all the audios on Spotify.


  • Over the anthology, the narrator refers to the different incarnations of the Doctor as "Doctor (cardinal number)" rather than "the (ordinal number) Doctor".

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