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The Angel of History was the third story in the Bernice Summerfield box set The Story So Far: Volume Two.

Publisher's summary[]

Annis is an archaeology lecturer at a university. Under fire from friends, students and the police for holding entirely the wrong view of history, the only person who seems to believe her is a mysterious Professor.


The story follows the life of Annis – archaeologist on an unnamed planet trying to build an academic career despite being discriminated "because of who she is" – presumably, a member of an unnamed ethnic minority. As tensions escalate, she tries to prove that her people were not as primitive as official history would like everyone to believe.



  • The people of the unnamed planet didn't discover space travel and are sceptical of the idea.
  • Bernice uses a device to re-live Annis' experiences nearly a century after her death.
  • The planet has more than one nation, since some of Annis' people have attempted fleeing persecution across the border.
  • Benny describes the planet as being peaceful and prosperous before darker instincts got hold of its' inhabitants. At the time of her and the Doctor's arrival ethnic tensions subsided, with time of Annis' life being seen as a dark page of history.


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