The Anachronauts was the seventh story of the sixth series in The Companion Chronicles audio range. It was produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Simon Guerrier and featured Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom.

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An experimental timeship smashes into the TARDIS, and the crews of both ships wake up on a desert island. Has the TARDIS been destroyed? And why doesn't the Doctor want to escape?

Steven Taylor and Sara find themselves on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall in 1966. Their only way back to the TARDIS is to betray the Doctor.

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  • Natalie Lang is the captain of the Hank Morgan IV. The crew are from a time thousands of years in the future after the 40th century, which is considered the distant past. In their time, humanity is at war with a species called the Wall of Noise.
  • In Steven's time, human science considered tertiary star systems to be impossible.
  • Sara is under the impression that Liverpool is a planet.
  • As children, Steven and his classmates built a 5D representation of East Berlin.
  • Steven tells the Stasi that Pluto is not a planet.
  • The TARDIS emergency systems distract the travelers from wanting to leave so they don't interfere with the repairs.
  • By the 40th century, the most common form of residential home on Mars was a prefabricated model known as M9 unit.
  • Steven hasn't told Sara about his experience with the Mechanoids.
  • The Doctor leaves the time pilots on the Cobalt Moon, 10,000 years after the war with the Wall of Noise is over and all the cobalt has been mined out. There is a city on the planet, which has pink skies and lakes, and trees with cobalt leaves.

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