The Ambush! was a short story featuring Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart which was published in DWM 483. The story was set during the 1968 television story The Web of Fear when Lethbridge-Stewart was still a colonel, and served as a prequel to the Lethbridge-Stewart novel series by Candy Jar Books.

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Colonel Spencer Pemberton leads his squad and Professor Travers through the London Underground. The webs block their way, so they head up to the completely empty Trafalgar Square. Suddenly, they are surrounded by Robot Yetis after Travers.

Driver Gwynfor Evans is taking a truck of ammunitions through Camden with Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart and Sapper Terry Russell, followed by a jeep with 33 Regiment. The Colonel is reading Captain Knight's report, which tells him his old friend Spencer Pemberton has been killed by a Yeti, and he is here to replace him. The truck stops when they see a dead police officer. Lethbridge-Stewart and Russell round the corner and find Holborn Station taken by the Yeti. They return to the truck and the Yeti are attacking 33 Regiment. Lethbridge-Stewart tells them to retreat to Aldwych Station while he and Russell hold them off. They fire at and set off the ammunition in the truck, but the Yeti are unaffected. The pair got to follow the rest of the men.

At Aldwych, Lethbridge-Stewart and Russell find the platform empty and the tunnel filled with web, with a leg sticking out. Russell tries to pull the man out, but the web engulfs and kills him, along with the rest of 33 Regiment. Lethbridge-Stewart heads down the tunnel in the opposite direction, unaware that Driver Evans has also escaped the assault. In the tunnels, he encounters a raggedy civilian, and begins to take him to Goodge Street.

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