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The Amazing World of Doctor Who was a 1976 promotional book offered by Typhoo Tea. Of its seven stories, two were original Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith short stories; four were reprints from Doctor Who Annual 1976; and one was a reprint of a TV Century 21 Daleks comic. It was available by mail order from Typhoo.


Short stories[]

Comic stories[]


  • Who's the Doctor? (informational feature)
  • The Sinister Slithers of Strikk (game)
  • The Sea-Devils (informational feature)
  • The Mind of Dr Who (informational feature)
  • Dr Who's Space-Age Crossword (game)
  • The Giant Robot (informational feature)
  • The Ice Warriors (informational feature)
  • Time Travel? Try a TARDIS! (informational feature)
  • Davros (informational feature)
  • Alpha Centauri (informational feature)
  • The Draconians (informational feature)
  • Mysterious Monsters (quiz)
  • The Cybermen (informational feature)
  • The Doctor Who Music and Radiophonic Workshop (informational feature)

Additional notes[]

  • Typhoo released 12 Doctor Who trading cards as part of the same promotion.
  • A PDF of this book and the trading cards was included in the DVD release of The Face of Evil.