The Also People is the forty-fourth Virgin New Adventures novel. It features the Seventh Doctor, Bernice Summerfield, Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester. It also features the return of Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart, who last appeared in Set Piece, and the debut of the People and their home, the Worldsphere; they would return in several Virgin Bernice Summerfield New Adventures.

This novel features uniquely named characters, with upper and lower cases and punctuation within the names and a pronunciation guide printed at the start of the novel explaining how to pronounce those letters and punctuation marks.

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"Just how technologically advanced are they?" The Doctor frowned. "Let me put it this way: they have a non-aggression pact with the Time Lords."

The Doctor has taken his companions to paradise, or at least the closest thing he can find. A sun enclosed by an artificial sphere where there is no want, poverty or violence.

While Chris learns to surf, meets a girl and falls in love with a biplane, Roz suspects an alien plot and Bernice considers that a Dyson Sphere needs an archaeologist like a fish needs a five-speed gear box.

Then the peace is shattered by murder. As the suspects proliferate, Bernice realises that even an artificial world has its buried secrets and Roz discovers what she's always suspected — that every paradise has its snake.

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Anatomy and physiology Edit

  • Roz decided in her youth that messy sex didn't offer anything a three-pack of Martian ale and a long shower couldn't.
  • Dep has sex with Chris and impregnates herself with his sperm.

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Crime Edit

  • feLixi was the accomplice in the murder of vi!Cari.
  • !C-Mel was the murderer of vi!Cari, who is avenged by the Doctor in this story.
  • R-Vene murdered two hundred thousand beings by destroying Omicron 378 in a moment of combat panic.

The Doctor Edit

  • The Doctor once broke the galactic record for continuous spoon-playing... sixty-seven hours' worth.
  • The Doctor most likely would have killed Kadiatu had Benny not saved her.
  • The Doctor gets rescued by a parachute that designs apple trees in its spare time.
  • The Doctor can think faster then he can talk (obviously) and is capable of keeping up with (and confusing) a ship that thinks picoseconds is a long time.

Individuals Edit

  • God lives in Whynot, where the continents constantly change on God's whim. This includes drowning a city (slowly and with due forewarning to the locals) because he heard about Atlantis.
  • The Doctor trusts God as much as God trusts him.
  • God insists he/it is not a computer.
  • Despite everything, Benny still trusts the Doctor.
  • Roz's clan name is revealed to be Inyathi, meaning "buffalo". She has a sister named Leabie.
  • Chris's grandfather was colour blind.
  • saRa!qava has a daughter, Dep. saRa!qava also fancies Benny.
  • aM!xitsa is a long time friend of the Doctor who has also been looking after/watching over Kadiatu for the Doctor.
  • feLixi has a relationship with Roz.
  • vi!Cari is a gossip and is rather disliked even by other ships.
  • Kadiatu loses an arm wrestling contest with the Doctor, much to everyone's surprise.
  • R-Vene is a ship. It got combat psychosis some years ago.
  • Roz and Bernice argue over the meaning of the word "safari".

Fashion and clothing Edit

  • The Doctor goes to a fancy dress party as himself.

Foods and beverages Edit

  • Flashback is a drink that makes you relive the past (the more you drink, the clearer it is).
  • saRa!qava spends her time baking bread.
  • God brings a weird yellow dip to parties that no one ever eats.

Games Edit

  • Kadiatu plays chess with the Doctor, and as a sign of her improved mental prowess begins to play it in her head against him in his. She wins some of the games.

Literature Edit

  • The Lament of the Non-Operational is a one- hundred twenty-eight stanza long piece of Dalek poetry. Roz's father collected it and made her memorise all the stanzas.

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  • iSanti Jeni was the town closest to where the Doctor and his companions were staying.

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  • The ships are scared of the Doctor.

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  • The Doctor whistles "anything you can do, I can do better" with a small bomb in his mouth.

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  • In the introduction Ben Aaronovitch details how to pronounce the names of the People.
  • The image on the cover of this novel actually happens in the novel.

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