The All-Night Zombie Horror Show was originally a name given to a private screening of zombie horror films at the Regal Cinema in Splott, but became synonymous with an event which occurred three months later, in which "zombies" roamed the streets of Cardiff. It was a night which Andy Davidson described as the most stressful of his career.

Cinema event[edit | edit source]

The All-Night Zombie Horror Show was the name given to a private screening of zombie horror films at the Regal Cinema on Railway Street, Splott. A handbill advertised "Let the walking dead entertain you from dusk till dawn". Among those in attendance was 22 year-old Oscar Phillips. During the event, Leet - a Dellacoi - crashed into the cinema, killing 63 of the 64 cinemagoers. Losing its life-shell in the incident, Leet escaped in Oscar's body, making him the only survivor.

Cardiff "zombie" outbreak[edit | edit source]

Three months later, hearing the call of its life-shell, Leet thought search units into existence using the most recent memories of Oscar Phillips as a blueprint; with Oscar having been in a coma since the night of the crash, his most recent memories were of zombie horror films. Once it activated the units, however, Leet found itself unable to control them. In order to limit the damage, Leet created a time energy barrier around Cardiff.

The "zombies" stalked the streets of Cardiff. Joe and Jackie Hargreaves were attacked and killed when they ran into one while returning from Llandaff via the A48. A group of students - Toby, Steffan, Curtis, Stan and Greg - were similarly butchered aboard a yacht in Cardiff Bay when a group of the "zombies" climbed out of the sea. Hayley and a further number of students were massacred when the creatures cut-short a house party on Gabalfa Road. Winston -a taxi driver, and Kirsty Lane were cannibalised on Bute Street en route to Oceana. A horde of the units stood guard around St Helen's Hospital, trapping medical staff and patients inside the building.

The Horror Show ended when Torchwood Three returned the life-shell to Leet in the Intensive Care Unit at St Helen's Hospital. As the "zombies" broke in through the hospital doors, Leet instructed Oscar as to what he had to do to save the world. Oscar awoke from his coma, commanded the search units to cease their attacks and jumped out of the hospital window - both killing himself and renouncing control. With no controller, and no orders, the search units evaporated into stardust. (PROSE: Bay of the Dead)

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