The Alchemists was the second story of the eighth series in The Companion Chronicles audio range. It was produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Ian Potter and featured Susan.

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The TARDIS lands in Berlin in the 1930s, where Hitler and his National Socialist party are in the ascendant.

Some of the greatest scientific minds are gathering here: Einstein, Heisenberg, Planck, Schrödinger, Wigner. The people who will build the future of planet Earth.

But the Doctor and Susan have brought something with them. Something apparently harmless, something quite common. Yet something that could threaten the course of history...

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In the TARDIS, Susan is writing a letter to Barbara, to be opened only if she died or left the TARDIS. If one of those things should happen, she asks her and Ian to look after her grandfather: she worries about what the Doctor would do without her. She says that, even though he told Barbara they can't change history, this is not exactly true: every action has consequences, every person can change the present and the future of everyone. There was a time, she says, she was tempted to do so. It happened before they came aboard, when the Doctor was looking for a place where he could hide a mysterious casket he was carrying with him.

One time, Susan and the Doctor landed in Berlin, Germany, in November 1932, during the rise of the Nazi party. The Doctor was exstatic: as he explained to Susan, on this time on Earth many great scientific minds could be found on Earth. He studied the map of a nearby railway station and worked out a route to the other side of the city to see them; however, Susan pointed out that they had no money to pay for the railway. The Doctor then came back to the TARDIS and took out some golden coins they took from ancient Rome, meaning to exchange them for money.

After some searching, the Doctor and Susan entered a jewellery to exchange the money. The jeweller, Herr Stritmacher inquired about what they were doing in Berlin as he valued the money, and they told him they were here to visit some scientists. The jeweller assessed that the coins were in perfect state, "almost as new"; he then offered them a ride himself to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (home of a renowned scientific circle) in the taxi of a friend of his. Ignoring Susan's concerns, the Doctor accepted the offer. As they rode to the Institute, Stritmacher expressed his opinion on the current political and economical situation: great poverty, two elections in five months with no satisfying results, no effective action from police, and the "brown shirts" (the SA, Hitler's men) as the only ones to act about it.

The doormen at the Institute's entrance refused to let the Doctor and Susan in. The Doctor then resorted to a trick: he wrote some scientific formulas on the back of one the notes Stritmacher gave him, and told to a doorman to bring it to the director, Fritz Haber. Minutes later, Haber reached them outside, amazed at the formulae the Doctor wrote, and led him and Susan into the Institute. As the Doctor wandered around, Susan had to fend off the unwanted attention of some youngsters, and finally exited the building with the excuse of getting some air. Some kids surrounded her, offering to do anything for money, and she asked them the direction for a cafe.

As she was sitting there enjoying the view, Susan was approached by a young English man, Pollitt, who started a conversation with her. Susan told him she and her grandfather were here for scientific interest and the Doctor was visiting Haber. Suddenly, Susan she felt weak, her head spinning. Pollitt led her outside the cafe, where the boys of before surrounded her, asking whether she was alright. Susan, accompanied by Pollitt, came back to the Institute, where she saw the Doctor and Haber being taken away from some security men in a car. Susan tried to follow the car, but she was too weak, and fell into Pollitt's arms.

Pollitt told her they had probably come for Haber and the Doctor was just dragged into it, and insisted she would come with him: she needed to rest, and he had some friends who could help her trace her grandfather. Susan however refused, and Pollitt left, giving her the card of a club where she could find him if she needed him. As he was gone, one of the boys suggested Susan to ask the help of the SA to find the Doctor.

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