The Advocate was a being who escaped the Last Great Time War. She first met the Tenth Doctor at the Shadow Proclamation, where she served as his solicitor in his trial for saving Emily Winter's life.

The Advocate found that "Finch" of the prosecution had set up the Doctor. She tried to sort it out, but was shot and apparently killed by a Judoon after "Finch" told her to shut up. (COMIC: Fugitive) This sent her back to the final events of the Time War; she was left insane and dangerously intelligent. After suffering countless deaths and lives, she evolved into a stardust-like form. She found Dalek Caan and used his path as an exit from the War. Blaming the Doctor for what had happened to her, the Advocate observed his actions over the millennia it took to reassemble her form. She deemed him a threat, came to hate him deeply, and resolved to teach him a lesson. The Advocate found the Gizou who would impersonate Finch, and hired him so that he would send her past self to the Time War. (COMIC: Don't Step on the Grass)

She reappeared in the Finch imposter's cell after he had been revealed as a Gizou. He said he was sorry he failed her, but she said the Doctor held the final part of a puzzle and with the Shadow Proclamation believing her dead, she could move through time and space undetected. (COMIC: Fugitive)

Soon after, she staged an attack on the TARDIS by a group of insectoid aliens, damaging the dimensions within, to steal an artefact. While within the unstable TARDIS, she encountered Matthew Finnegan and tried to convince him that the Doctor preferred Emily over him and that he could not be trusted. She left him a false copy of Vislor Turlough's diary to implant even more doubts of the Doctor's nature in Matthew's mind. (COMIC: Tesseract)

Later, she set up the Doctor to locate the Enochai beneath Greenwich Park in 2009. She manipulated Crane into releasing the majority of them, and presented herself as a possible saviour to Erisa Magambo. Matthew vouched for her trustworthiness. She proposed destroying the Enochai's ship with a bomb, which would have cost many lives. When the Doctor arrived at the UNIT camp, he was arrested when he protested the Advocate's plan. Once freed, he reached Crane, who was trying to redeem himself by placing the bomb, and flew the ship away from Earth taking the Enochai with it. However, the bomb was armed, and Crane could not leave it without setting it off. The Doctor and Crane realised this had been the Advocate's intention all along: punishing Crane for his betrayal and teaching the Doctor a lesson. The Doctor escaped and Crane let the ship and himself explode. The Advocate blamed the Doctor and prepared to depart, this time with Matthew. (COMIC: Don't Step on the Grass)

The Advocate was eventually destroyed when Matthew sacrificed himself to stop her from wiping out an entire planet. (COMIC: Final Sacrifice)

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