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The Abomination was a creation and masterpiece of Giuseppe di Cattivo. He painted it with pigments made from sentient rock that fell to Earth. The Abomination drove di Cattivo insane. He crafted the Chinese Puzzle Box to make sure no-one ever saw him.

The painting was stored underneath the International Gallery and recovered by his "sister", Mona Lisa. He was killed when K9 destroyed the painting's pigments and then the living Abomination. He took the form of a huge demon. (TV: Mona Lisa's Revenge)


The Abomination has a vast set of powers, due to Being animated by the energy that brought him and the Mona Lisa to life. With it he was able to bring drawings like him to life similar to the empathic isolus infusing it's ionic powers into Chloe Webber's drawings. however due to being just a painting it is also his weakness because the other half of the energy inside the pigments was used to paint his sister if he was far away from her he will turn back into a painting along with everything materialised molecule he has animated, it is also shown to be vice versa as his sister with able to use molecular tranceplacement to trap living things into drawings. Depending on what he animates he was also able to command them.

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