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== External links ==
== External links ==
[[Category:Television repeats]]
[[Category:War Doctor stories]]
[[Category:Ninth Doctor stories]]
[[Category:Tenth Doctor stories]]
[[Category:Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor stories]]
[[Category:Eleventh Doctor stories]]
[[Category:Twelfth Doctor stories]]
[[Category:Thirteenth Doctor stories]]
[[Category:Rose Tyler stories]]
[[Category:Mickey Smith stories]]
[[Category:Jackie Tyler stories]]
[[Category:Jack Harkness stories]]
[[Category:Martha Jones stories]]
[[Category:Ianto Jones stories]]
[[Category:Gwen Cooper stories]]
[[Category:Sarah Jane Smith stories]]
[[Category:Luke Smith stories]]
[[Category:Donna Noble stories]]
[[Category:Wilfred Mott stories]]
[[Category:Torchwood One stories]]
[[Category:Stories set in parallel universes]]
[[Category:Stories set in London]]
[[Category:Stories set in the 21st century]]
[[Category:Stories set in alternate timelines]]
[[Category:Stories set on Skaro]]
[[Category:Stories set on Gallifrey]]
[[Category:Television stories set on Gallifrey]]
[[Category:Doctor Who (2005) television stories]]
[[Category:K9 stories]]
[[Category:Amy Pond stories]]
[[Category:Rory Williams stories]]
[[Category:River Song stories]]
[[Category:Clara Oswald stories]]
[[Category:Bill Potts stories]]
[[Category:Stories set in the Last Great Time War]]
[[Category:Time Lord stories]]
[[Category:The Master stories]]
[[Category:Davros stories]]
[[Category:Dalek stories]]
[[Category:Weeping Angel stories]]
[[Category:Cyberman stories]]
[[Category:Regeneration stories]]
[[Category:Nestene/Auton stories]]
[[Category:Slitheen stories]]
[[Category:Raxacoricofallapatorian stories]]
[[Category:Rassilon stories]]
[[Category:Sontaran stories]]
[[Category:Ice Warrior stories]]
[[Category:Silurian stories]]
[[Category:UNIT stories]]
[[Category:Great Intelligence stories]]
[[Category:Stories set on the Moon]]
[[Category:Television stories set on the Moon]]
[[Category:Television stories set on Earth]]
[[Category:Television stories set on Karn]]
[[Category:Television stories set on Mars]]
[[Category:Television stories set in Mutter's Spiral]]
[[Category:Television stories set in the Sol System]]
[[Category:Television stories set in dreams]]
[[Category:Series 1 (Doctor Who) stories]]
[[Category:Series 2 (Doctor Who) stories]]
[[Category:Series 3 (Doctor Who) stories]]
[[Category:Series 4 (Doctor Who) stories]]
[[Category:Series 5 (Doctor Who) stories]]
[[Category:Series 6 (Doctor Who) stories]]
[[Category:Series 7 (Doctor Who) stories]]
[[Category:Series 8 (Doctor Who) stories]]
[[Category:Series 9 (Doctor Who) stories]]
[[Category:Series 10 (Doctor Who) stories]]
[[Category:Television specials]]
[[Category:Stories set at Christmas]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2005]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2006]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2007]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2008]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2009]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2010]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2011]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2012]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2013]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2014]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2015]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2016]]
[[Category:Stories set in 2017]]

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The 13 Days of Doctor Who is a BBC America event starting on the 25 September, 2018 at 6AM, designed to broadcast every episode of Doctor Who from the BBC Wales era, beginning with Rose and leading into the premiere of the first episode of Series 11.[1]

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