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The 12 Doctors of Christmas is a short non-narrative Christmas-themed webcast featuring the cast and crew of Twice Upon a Time.


An abridged Doctor Who version of The Twelve Days of Christmas (counting down through the attributes of each incarnation of the Doctor, from the Twelfth to the First) is illustrated with images of a decorated TARDIS control room, with various characters and crew members demonstrating the attributes in question.


We enter the TARDIS as its holly-wreath-adorned doors open before us. The song begins with the camera panning over the decorations on the TARDIS control console. The first verse, 12 guitars playing, sees the Twelfth Doctor playing his electric guitar. This is followed by the Eleventh Doctor's 11 furry fezzes (illustrated by a smiling Bill Potts putting on such a fez). A close-up of tip-toeing feet wearing such shoes illustrates the Tenth Doctor's 10 sneakers sneaking, and a woman looks in awe at a Ninth Doctor-style leather jacket to go along with 9 leather jackets.

One of the Eighth Doctor's 8 pocket watches is carried on its eyestalk by an unusually friendly Dalek, before a smiling woman walks out of the TARDIS deploying the Seventh Doctor's umbrella to go with 7 umbrellas. One of the Sixth Doctor's 6 garish jackets hangs on the TARDIS's hat stand. For the Fifth Doctor, we are told that "5 wore celery", as mimicked by Nicholas Briggs wearing celery in the same fashion. Some other man hides his face behind the Fourth Doctor's scarf for 4 long scarves, and we get a glimpse of Bessie to go with the Third Doctor's 3 keys to Bessie, before a jolly man wearing a Santa Claus hat demonstrates the Second Doctor's 2 recorders playing.

Finally, And the original, I would have you know is overlaid with the First Doctor speaking (not singing) the line, and we leave on the entire cast and crew of Doctor Who filling the control room and saying in chorus: Merry Christmas from Doctor Who!.



  • The only two "main" incarnations of the Doctor who existed as of the making of the webcast who do not appear in it are the War Doctor and the Thirteenth Doctor.
  • The webcast was released through the Doctor Who YouTube channel, and the description invited fans to present their own Doctor Who/12 Days of Christmas mashup lyrics in the comments.
  • The final shot of the entire cast and crew wishing the viewers a merry Christmas was reused for another webcast released on the 25th of December, simply entitled Merry Christmas!.

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