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That Which Went Away was the second short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Seven Deadly Sins. It was written by Mark Wright. It featured the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot.


The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe have landed in a very cold place. After a bit of exploring, they decide to return to the TARDIS, but they are attacked by several men. The Doctor and Zoe run while Jamie stays to fight. The Doctor and Zoe are surrounded by two groups of men, one of which chases the other away. The leader of one group, Bior, rescues them. Jamie is seriously wounded by Vignor, the leader of the other tribe. Bior and his men, after chasing Vignor's men away, take the wounded Jamie and his friends to their village.

In the village, Hefn, the medicine man, doctors Jamie. He is seriously hurt, but will recover with rest. The Doctor and Zoe spend several days in the village, making themselves useful.

The Doctor notices that every night the men of the village leave and don't return until morning. When Jamie is well enough, he begins to spend more time with the village men. One night, he accompanies them as they leave, and the Doctor follows.

The Doctor witnesses Hefn performing a ritual in which he and the men wear bear skins and Hefn smears a dark red substance on each man's face. Then the men, including Jamie, transform into bears.

The next morning the Doctor confronts Bior and Hefn, who claim that the ritual is a matter of protection, but the Doctor warns them against tampering with nature. The Doctor and Jamie argue, with Jamie not wanting to leave the village.

Later, the village is attacked by Vignor and his men, who raid the food supplies. Several people are killed, including Bior's young son Einar. When Bior learns of this, his wife Aella tries to restrain him, but he angrily storms to Hefn's tent and demands he perform the ritual. Hefn, agreeing with the Doctor, refuses, saying the ritual is for protection, not vengeance. Bior threatens to kill Aella and Zoe, and Hefn is forced to give in. As the Doctor, Zoe and Aella watch, Hefn performs the ritual, but something goes wrong. Jamie doesn't transform, and they find Hefn nearby, unconscious but in human form.

Jamie helps the Doctor track Bior and his men. They reach Vignor's village to find a massacre. Jamie stares down one bear, preventing him from harming a woman. The Doctor searches for Bior and witnesses him killing Vignor. Bior's men change back, but Bior remains a bear and runs off.

Everyone returns to the village, and the Doctor helps in the peace negotiations between the two tribes. Hefn burns the bear skins worn by the men.

As the travellers head for the TARDIS, they encounter a bear and wonder if it was Bior.





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