The Thal Dome was the home city of the Thals on Skaro during the Thousand Year War with the Kaleds.

History Edit

The Thal Dome was depicted in one episode of the Kaled propaganda television series Captain Croag and the Highland Rangers which featured the title character being captured and tortured in the dome. He eventually made his escape using nothing but a length of rusted pipe as a weapon. (AUDIO: Guilt)

As he approached his thirtieth birthday, Tech-Ops Davros, a junior member of the Kaled Military Elite, was sent on a mission to the Thal Dome by the Supremo, the leader of the Kaled people, to destroy a Thal weapons research facility. His team consisted of the mission commander Major Brint, Tech-Ops Reston and five others. However, the mission was compromised by Davros' elder half-sister Yarvell, who was a peace activist in spite of being a member of the Military Elite. She informed her contacts in the peace movement, who in turn warned the Thals of the attack. Although the mission was ultimately successful, Davros was the only survivor. (AUDIO: Purity)

The dome functioned as a counterpart to one used by the Kaleds. At its centre, the Thals had constructed a neutronic missile to be launched at the Kaled Dome. They hoped this would ultimately win the war against the Kaleds. Their goal was achieved through the help of the treacherous Kaled scientist Davros, who provided the Thals with a chemical formula to weaken the Kaled Dome. Davros used this act to justify letting the Daleks loose on the Thal civilians. The Daleks took no prisoners and few survived. (TV: Genesis of the Daleks)

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