Thailand was a country on Earth.

Its capital was Bangkok. (AUDIO: Lucie Miller) Residents of Thailand spoke Thai. (AUDIO: Earthfall)

The Eighth Doctor spent time in Thailand practising the violin at a Buddhist temple in 1962. (PROSE: The Year of Intelligent Tigers)

After Rory Williams and Amy Pond got married, Brian Williams thought they had gone travelling in Thailand. It wasn't until years later that he found out that they had actually been travelling with the Eleventh Doctor through, as Rory described, "the entirety of space and time." (TV: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)

In the 21st century, UNIT Lieutenant Sam Bishop was deployed to Bangkok in search of a Nestene energy unit. (AUDIO: Earthfall)

In the 2190s, Lucie Miller and Alex Campbell were travelling in the Phi Phi Islands, when a terrible sickness broke out. Although Lucie became infected, Alex did not. They attempted to flee to Bangkok on a bus, though they were thrown off when it became apparent that Lucie had the sickness. (AUDIO: Lucie Miller)

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