The Fourth Doctor readies himself to attempt the test. (TV: The Face of Evil)

The Test of Horda was performed on the Sevateem's planet to its criminals. Those submitted to it would be put on a board above a pit of Hordas. The board would be pulled into the walls with a boulder attached to a rope. The criminal would have to break the rope with a crossbow, stopping the board and saving his or her life.

Leela was forced to endure it when she spoke against the local religion, and denied the existence of their god Xoanon. She, however, refused, so her father Sole volunteered in her place. It killed him.

The Fourth Doctor later was to go through it to prove he was not the Evil One. His death would prove that he was not the Evil One. The Doctor, though, had developed excellent archery skills from William Tell, and passed. He was released. (TV: The Face of Evil)

Leela was haunted by the memory of her father's death as a result of her refusal to take part in the Test of the Horda. (AUDIO: The Evil One)

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