Test Flight was a Second Doctor comic story first published in TV Comic Annual 1970.

Summary[edit | edit source]

United States Air Force Commander Knight is conducting a briefing of world military experts about the test flight of the Dart, a rocket-powered fighter plane to be launched from the belly of a B-52 bomber. The TARDIS appears and Commander Knight, who has a prior acquaintance with the Doctor, invites him to join the test flight.

On board the B-52 with the scientists and military men are two Cybermen scouts. They take over the craft but the Doctor dives into the chute leading to the cockpit of the Dart and launches the fighter. While the Doctor is fighting five Cybermen rocket planes, the Cybermen scouts squelch a revolt of the scientists on the B-52 and prepare to transfer them to a Cybermen craft. The Doctor destroys that craft with the Dart and the two scouts fall out of the B-52. Before the Doctor departs in the TARDIS, Commander Knight offers him a job as a test pilot.

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