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Terry Molloy (born 4 January 1947[1]) was the third actor to portray the character of Davros, following Michael Wisher and David Gooderson. He also featured in the Doctor Who story Attack of the Cybermen as the undercover police officer Russell following a promise made whilst he was playing Davros that he could appear without prosthetics. He also appeared as D.I. Burke in the P.R.O.B.E. story The Devil of Winterborne.

In the third episode of the Doctor Who story Remembrance of the Daleks, he was credited by the pseudonym "Roy Tromelly", an anagram of his name, to avoid giving away plot details. He was the narrator and a contributor to the Davros Connections documentary.

Prior to being cast as Davros, he was previously considered for the roles of Scobie, Bilton and Sheard in Time-Flight (TCH 35) and Bulic in Warriors of the Deep (TCH 38)

He has reprised the role of Davros for several Big Finish Productions audio dramas, as well as playing other characters.


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