Terry Brooks was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1999. He came to power by making promises about social programmes and education which the UK couldn't afford to do. In order to get out of this, he and a handful of his cabinet ministers worked out a scheme with the help of the Voracians. His critical Deputy Prime Minister, Philip Cotton, was kept out of these meetings.

The UK government was working to resolve the Y2K bug problem, but had a military force under General Randall ready to handle any chaos that the "bug" did cause. With the Voracians, Brooks' cabal tried to ensure "Y2K compliant" chips were actually fault: on January 1 2000, the UK would be thrown into chaos, Randall would be accused of attempting a military coup afterwards, and Brooks would cut funding for the armed forces, freeing money for his reform plans. Unknown to him, the Voracians were using him in order to recreate their AI Voractyll.

When the full chaos of his plan hit home on January 1, a distraught Brooks broke down and admitted the truth. The Fourth Doctor and Harry Sullivan had made sure his confession was broadcast to parliament, ending his career. (PROSE: Millennium Shock)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The Labour government of 1997 made promises of increased social spending that were delayed (due to their budget plan). Terry Brooks' plot is a parody of this, and he has the same initials as the then-PM Tony Blair.
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