Terra Primagenia was a planet created by mammoth-worshipping posthumans led by Linemica, who viewed it as being "like no New Earth we have ever known" because it was made for "the old" instead of "the new". Nestled within a dense, fluorescent nebula at the frontier in time, Terra Primagenia was a small world mostly covered in water speckled with green and white landmasses.

Following the successful resurrection of Cernunnos, Linemica's posthumans organised an unveiling of the mammoth god's new form and invited to Terra Primagenia dignitaries from every posthuman civilisation, including the Milky Way's last humanoid Arcadians and the Plume Coteries. The Plume Coteries sent Coloth. On the day of the unveiling, members of the Pilots' Coterie circled Terra Primagenia in planet-killer warships. The dignitaries gathered on a large transparent platform in the atmosphere above a dense forest, where they all had a view of a woven pillar atop which Linemica gave a short speech and Cernunnos revealed himself. As he psychically spoke to the crowd, Cernunnos mentally latched onto Avus, who was inhabiting the body of dignitary as part of a praxis-fueled trip. Avus escaped to the Amazolian system and led Cernunnos to an alter-time realm. (PROSE: Cobweb and Ivory)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • "Terra" is latin for "Earth" and "Primagenia" is a variation on the latin adjective "Primigenia", meaning "primal", "original", "aboriginal", "primordial", or "firstborn".
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