Terence Dudley (28 September 1919[1]-25 December 1988[2]) directed the Doctor Who television story Meglos and wrote the Doctor Who television stories Four to Doomsday, Black Orchid and The King's Demons as well as the K9 and Company TV pilot A Girl's Best Friend and its novelisation. He was not a particularly favoured writer of Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison, who was especially unhappy with Dudley's work on Black Orchid. (DCOM: Black Orchid)

During the development of Season 23, Dudley offered to replace John Nathan-Turner as producer for Doctor Who, however as the BBC were unwilling to find replacement work for Turner, he was unable to leave Doctor Who.[source needed]

Despite his association with the John Nathan-Turner era, he very nearly wrote the pilot for Doctor Who. When Verity Lambert and David Whitaker received Anthony Coburn's draft for "The Forest of Fear" on 26 June 1963, they were unhappy with the story's development. Lambert asked Dudley to quickly write a replacement. He declined, leaving them to somewhat unenthusiastically produce Coburn's An Unearthly Child. (REF: The First Doctor Handbook)

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