Chairman Tensa was a Dulcian who was the head of the Emergencies Committee. He was called upon by the planet's ruling Council to propose a plan of action in the face of the Dominators' invasion. He was regarded as competent in handling natural disasters, but Director Senex wondered whether he could handle a crisis involving parties whose motives were explicitly antagonistic to Dulcian interests. Given the choices of fighting, fleeing or submitting to the Dominators, Tensa recommended simply waiting. Consequently, the Dulcian Council was effectively sidelined, leaving the Second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe to lead Cully and the Dulcian students on the atomic test island to counter the Quarks and Dominators. When the Dominator Rago and a Quark entered the council chamber, Tensa protested against Rago's treatment of Senex, so Rago had the Quark shoot and kill Tensa. (TV: The Dominators)
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