Instructions for {{YearNav}}
Do not directly call this template. It is used to support other templates. Once another template decides that the topic of a page is a year, this template will automatically provide a navigation box.

It is completely automatic, and has no user-definable parameters.

Sample output

Because this template is dependent upon detecting a PAGENAME that is a year, its output can only be seen on a year page. It is impossible to reproduce its results here. If you wish to test it, go to any year and add {{timeline}} to the page.

Future implementation

It may be that in the future the coding can be made a bit simpler. I haven't tried the following language on pages that are less than 4 digits long but it seems like it'd work:

{{#ifexpr:{{PAGESIZE:{{#expr:({{PAGENAME}}-6)}}|R}}>0|[[{{#expr:{{PAGENAME}}-6}}]]|nothin  }}  

czechout@fandom   03:52: Fri 22 Jun 2012 

Maintenance log

  • Template was fixed today in response to odd errors that were creeping up only on some pages. Most of the #ifexpr calls were replaced by simpler #ifeq calls, and this has alleviated a lot of the errors that were taking place, particularly in the 1990s and 2000s.
    czechout@fandom    20:47: Mon 03 Sep 2012
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