Instructions for {{Wi}}
{{wi}} is a handy little shortcut that equates the following markup:
''[[wikipedia:article name]]'' --> {{wi|article name}}

In other words, it's the same thing as {{w}} except that it adds italics automatically. Think of it as wikipedia italics, or wi. It's thus a tool that makes following T:ITAL that little bit easier.


{{wi}} incorporates one kind of pipe trick. As long as the wikipedia article is not disambiguated, then it will automatically get rid of the prepending "wikipedia:". Hence,

{{wi|The Way We Were}} results in The Way We Were.

However, if the wikipedia title is disambiguated, you must type a little more. For instance,

{{wi|Casablanca (film)}} renders the undesirable Casablanca (film)
{{wi|Casablanca (film)|Casablanca}} renders a title on wikipedia in the italicised the way we want: Casablanca
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