Instructions for {{Title dab away}}
{{title dab away}} — or {{tda}} — is the combination of {{retitle}} and {{dab away}} ({{da}}). It affects the title of any page that it is on by italicising the title, but leaving the dab term alone. If, for instance, the page name is The Gathering (audio story), it will render the page title as The Gathering (audio story)

Although it will work on pages that have no dab term, it's probably just as easy to use the standard {{retitle}} on such pages.

To use, simply place {{title dab away}} on the desired page, preferably at the very top.

If you are finding that this template does not work as described, please send a note to CzechOut, indicating which specific page is causing a problem. Thanks :)
czechout   21:28: Sat 21 Jul 2012 
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