Instructions for {{Speedy rename}}
{{Speedy rename}} is a template that marks pages that have obvious, non-controversial errors in their titles for swift renaming.

By "obvious and non-controversial", we mean that the need to move the page is clear under T:DAB or T:NAMING. For instance, if you encountered the page Bob and it was talking about a specific "Bob" from a story called Doctor Who and the Big Example, then our naming conventions would be clearly offended. It should be "Bob (Doctor Who and the Big Example)". So you would use {{speedy rename}} to mark the page.

You would not use it in other cases. Instead, {{rename}} is the template of choice when the proposed name change is less certain. For example, we once had a long debate over what to call the principal enemies in Planet of the Dead. The script never specified a name, so were they stingrays or alien stingrays or what? In this case, you need to invite discussion by using {{rename}}.


This template should be placed at the very top of a page. It has two main variables, both of which need to be defined, and an optional third variable.

{{speedy rename
|new=your proposed new name
|links=either yes or no
|user=your user name, spelled correctly

The first variable, new, is asking what name you want to move the page to. Please note that your proposed new name must be a redlink. If it's blue, then that means the page already exists and the move request is more complicated than this template was intended to handle.

The second variable, links, is asking, "Have all links to the old name been moved?". (How do you check? By performing a Special:WhatLinksHere report on the page in question.)

You therefore respond with yes or no. As a general rule, if there are fewer than 10 links to the old name, it is very helpful — though not required — for you to take the time to move those links before submitting a {{speedy rename}} request. Anything over 10 links, you should definitely leave to the bot.

That said, it is better for you to submit a {{speedy rename}} request without having moved the links than to not submit the request at all. The admin staff would prefer to know about simple moves that need to be done than to discourage the reporting of the info just because you didn't have time to move the links.

The only thing we require is that you tell the truth about the link status. Don't say that the links have been moved when they haven't.

Finally, the third variable, user, is where you can optionally include your user name. If you choose not to fill in this variable, then we can't easily follow up with you in case we have questions

What happens to your request

After you publish your {{speedy rename}} request, the contents of your new and links variables are sent to a table at T:SPEEDY. From there, admin will proceed with the request. If your request is rejected, they'll give you an explanation as to why, so long as you have a registered account and you've remembered to include your user name in the request.


{{speedy rename|new=Template:Even speedier rename|links=No|user=CzechOut}}

will produce the following result on the page:

This page's name needs changing. Now.

Proposed new name: Template:Even speedier rename
Have links been moved? No

(Note that the user variable only displays at T:SPEEDY; it's therefore "semi-hidden".)

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