{{shortcut}} or {{sc}} places a little box in the top right of policy pages, indicating the shortcut to that particular page. It's often helpful to have a shortcut for such pages, because they tend to have long names. This feature has been standard on Wikipedia for a very long time, and is also common on most larger Wikia wikis.


To use, simmply type:


In the case of sections or pages where multiple shortcuts are equally logical, the template can accept up to 3 total shortcuts. Thus, it can handle


It is important that the shortcuts be in the format, T:ALL CAPS. Since some of the sections or pages have the same name in multiple namespaces, the T: and ALL CAPS make accidentally bad linkage impossible. For instance, T:ROMANA is usefully distinct from Romana or Talk:Romana.

This notation should be placed at the top of the page, somewhere prior to any infoboxes or printing text. It can also be placed at the top of sections, and is especially useful in simplifying long and complex articles like Tardis:Manual of Style.

It should only be used on pages in the Help: or Tardis: namespaces.


If we were to make a shortcut to this page, we'd logically make it SC, so the abbreviation would be T:SC. Hence the form at top right. However, there are cases when a couple of equally logical alternatives are possible. For these cases, the template can accept up to two additional shortcuts.

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