Instructions for {{Retitle}}
{{Retitle}} is a template that allows you to change the way a page title is displayed. For ordinary story titles, you should be using {{title dab away}}, instead, as that template automatically handles proper italicisation for you. This template is for those cases where something other that simple italicisation of the part of the title before the (dab term) is required. Most often, this means that you want to be able to put the page title in quotation marks, as is done at "the Doctor".

Usage is straightforward:

would put the PAGENAME in visible quotation marks.

But it can also be done useful when italicising only part of a title, as in this case:

{{retitle|SS ''Bernice''}}

Under the hood[]

Although this template has some commonality with the old {{title}} template, it is powered quite differently under the hood. It uses {{DISPLAYTITLE}} at its core, and therefore will not cause issues with SEO or the MyWikia app like that older template.