Instructions for {{PeopleDayLead}}
{{PeopleDayLead}} is a template that puts an automatic lead on every page that has a dab term of (people). It's necessary to ensure that every date page fully complies with T:LEADS and T:BOLD TEXT, but also to make sure that the individual page can be transcluded elsewhere on the wiki without the lead.


To see this phenomenon in action, note what happens when 3 January (people) is transcluded here, using the following markup:

{{:3 January (people)}}

Current text

The current value of this template is:

On PeopleDayLead, a number of people important to the production of Doctor Who and its spin-offs either died or were born.

where PeopleDayLead will be substituted by whatever the date is of the current page. So if you put it on 1 January (people), it'll read 1 January.

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