Instructions for {{Pcred}}
{{pcred}} is a very simple template which will allow you to create an bulletined, alphabetized list of the stories on which a person worked in a certain capacity.

It is a very basic template, however, and would probably not be appropriate for people with extremely long lists of credits. You'll have to use your judgement to determine whether it "sits right" on a page.


Usage is incredibly simple. Type:

{{pcred|job title}}

where the job title is the SMW property for that title

The SMW extension is smart enough to combine all valid redirects together. So, if a person has been credited differently over the years, all will be combined so long as there are valid redirects to PAGENAME.


Because this uses SMW, it will automatically update as new credits are added for the person via {{wales crew}}. Thus you should use this template wherever possible, since it will make the wiki more accurate with less effort.


This template doesn't allow for multiple job titles, or for the creation of templates. It is designed for those people who have fewer than about 20 credits.

Note, too, that it doesn't distinguish between the various programs in any way. If a person has Torchwood and Doctor Who credits, for instance, the episodes will merely be listed alongside each other in alphabetical order.

Still, given the state of pages involving many lesser-known crew members — most of which make zero effort to show which stories the person worked on — {{pcred}}} represents a giant leap forward in our coverage of the production side of the DWU.