Instructions for {{O'Mara}}
{{O'Mara}} is a template which was originally created to allow you to quickly link to that part of the article the Rani which dealt with the O'Mara Rani, back when all the incarnations of the Rani were covered on a single page. It now links to the split page about this incarnation.


  • If you type {{O'Mara}}, you'll get the First Rani, with a lower case the
  • If you type {{O'Mara|c}}, you'll get The First Rani, with an upper case The. (Technically you can type {{O'Mara|<anything you want>}} and you'll still get the upper case The).
  • If you type {{O'Mara|n=whatever}}, you'll get whatever, thus allowing you some greater verbal flexibility.