You're writing a new policy, guideline or layout format for the wiki.

Because other users will use your words as the basis for their writing — indeed, because the words you use here will shape the way the wiki develops — you shouldn't be starting a page like this unless:
  • you are summarizing a decision that has been clearly concluded at the Panopticon or a well-attended talk page
  • you have introduced a new coding feature and need to explain its policy implications
  • you are duplicating a format guide that already exists, but changing it to suit a particular usage not currently covered

Attempting to write policy in order to circumvent an ongoing discussion is counter to the ethos of wiki building and may earn you the wrath of admins. Policy pages may be initiated by any user, so long as they make a genuine effort to capture the consensus of the concluded discussion, noting that consensus isn't always the same thing as how the majority have voted. Please remember to write in the clearest language you can, and to provide examples which illustrate your points.

Not all policy on this wiki is the result of open discussion. Occasionally, policies may be written without preceding discussion, or by having admin-only discussion, by admins having particular expertise in an area of wiki administration.
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Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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