Instructions for {{Link}}
Link is a tiny little template that can help you easily change the colour of a link. Instead of being a slave to red and blue links, automatically provided by the underlying wiki software, now you can choose whatever colour you want. This can be quite helpful when designing infoboxen or other templates that have a coloured background, as not all backgrounds look good with blue or red links.


Simply type:

{{link|<linked page name>|<colour>|<alternate name>}}

for example

{{link|series 1 (Doctor Who)|purple|the first series}}

which results in: the first series. You can also specify hexadecimal colour numbers, as in:

{{link|Third Doctor|#FCB34A|the Doctor}}

which produces: the Doctor. Note that if you don't need to specify an alternate name, you shouldn't put a pipe at the end of the statement. Thus:

{{link|series 1 (Doctor Who)|purple|}}

tells the system to define the third variable as nothing. Thus, it replaces "series 1 (Doctor Who)" with nothing, which is probably not the result you want. Conversely,

{{link|series 1 (Doctor Who)|purple}}

tells the system not to define the third variable in this template at all, and therefore results in: series 1 (Doctor Who)