Instructions for {{Infobox Species}}
{{Infobox Species}} is the main infobox for the delivery of information about all species, sentient and non-sapient alike.

Note that for non-sentient life, you made need to also use {{looks like}} in order to give prominent links to other species that look like the ones under discussion. See, for instance, dog, cat, dolphin, and rhinoceros.


Copy and paste all of the text below onto whichever article page it is needed for (even if some fields are not needed copy all of the text).

{{Infobox Species
|name            = 
|image           = 
|type            = 
|aka             = 
|affiliation     = 
|origin          = 
|first mention   =
|first           =
|only            = 
|appearances     =  
|individuals     =
|clip            = 
|clip2           = 
|clip3           = 
|bts             =             


  • Images should be entered in the format Image.jpg. Widths may not be specified.
  • Legacy support has been retained for the variable name Species name
  • The variable mentions is no longer supported
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