Instructions for {{Infobox Organisation}}

{{Infobox Organisation}} is the standard infobox used on pages about organisations. Note that this template is an exception to T:SPELL in that the American spelling {{Infobox Organization}} is strictly disallowed. This is because the automatic spelling bot we run on this wiki will change the template name to Organisation, anyway, so there's no point in allowing Organization.


Copy and paste all of the text below onto whichever article page it is needed for (even if some fields are not needed copy all of the text).

{{Infobox Organisation
|name              = 
|image             =
|leader            =
|aka               =
|affiliation       =
|bases             =
|type              =
|first             =
|first mention     =
|only              =
|appearances       =
|members           =
|size              =
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