Instructions for {{Infobox Magazine}}
{{Infobox Magazine}} is the primary template on this wiki for magazines. Typically, it's used for any magazine or comic issue that has a number. Titles for such magazines must obey the rules set forth at T:MAGS for this template to work properly.


Copy and paste all of the text below onto whichever article page it is needed for (even if some fields are not needed copy all of the text).

  • As of March 2012, this template has no {{{name}}} variable. The title of the infobox is automatically controlled by the template and cannot be overriden. It is always equal to the name of the page for this particular infobox.
  • Because T:MAGS standardised the naming of magazine issues in a mathematically useful way, {{{previous issue}}} and {{{next issue}}} can now be calculated automatically. In those rare cases, as with the special issues of DWM, like DWMS Summer 1982, when issues are not numbered, you must now use {{{prev override}}} and {{{next override}}} to, well, override the automatic links to the surrounding issues.
  • In May 2017, all instances of {{{previous issue}}} and {{{next issue}}} were stripped from the wiki. Please don't re-add, as this will cause inconsistent formatting.
  • This template's navigation section will always consider an "issue 0" an impossibility. In the unlikely event of an actual issue 0, you'll have to use {{{prev override}}} to create a link to it.
{{Infobox Magazine
|image            =
|caption          = 
|image2           =
|caption2         =
|price uk         = 
|price us         = 
|price other      = 
|currency         =
|cover date       = 
|format           = 
|editor           = 
|publisher        =