Instructions for {{Imdb name}}
{{imdb name}} is a specialised form of {{imdb}}. It is the preferred template for use with people, be they actors or crew members. If you want to make a link to any other type of IMDb record — company, title, whatever — you will need to use the base {{imdb}} template.


Usage could not be simpler.

Just cut and paste the following[1] onto pages:
== External links ==
{{imdb name|id=}}
  1. This assumes there is no external link section already on the page. If there is, just cut and paste only the second line of this example.

Then, insert the IMDB number after id= but before }} and you're done!

Just to explain the fields

  • The id number is the purely numerical string which follows the letters nm in an URL, such as:
You should include any leading zeros. For instance, David Tennant's is 0855039. Only by putting the whole string, including the initial 0, into id= will you have a working link to DT.


ID required

This template requires that you fill in the id variable. If you don't, it will squawk at you and put the page into a special category.

{{imdb name|name=David Tennant}}
Warning: You must enter a valid IMDb ID number for Imdb name. Click here for further instructions.
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